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Report says commercial real estate industry is growing

There is good news for Pennsylvania commercial real estate agents and investors. According to the National Association of Realtors 2018 Commercial Member Profile, the commercial real estate industry is going strong and has experienced growth over the past 12 months.

About commercial real estate investing

People in Pennsylvania who want to begin investing in commercial real estate should understand exactly what it has to offer. The tenants that the investors will be dealing with are businesses, and commercial leases tend to be longer than residential leases so that the business are able to become established.

Considerations for companies planning to buy real estate

Many Pennsylvania entrepreneurs are interested in investing in commercial real estate. A property investment can provide much-needed space for office activities, retail, storage or other business activities. In addition, this purchase can be a long-term positive that goes beyond simply a space to work or do business. There are some key guidelines that business owners can keep in mind when planning for a real estate acquisition.

Understanding the ins and outs of commercial real estate loans

When it comes time to build a storefront or office in Pennsylvania, most business owners must apply for a real estate loan. These loans can be very complex, and that is why borrowers need to spend some time researching how they work and what types of financing options are available. With the right loan, an entrepreneur won't have to worry about an unmanageable payment plan or hidden fees.

Commercial real estate market may not be as strong in 2018

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association's annual report, 2018 will not be as strong for the commercial real estate market as 2017. The group cites slow growth in net operating income and rising interest rates as among the reasons why anyone considering investments in CRE ventures in Pennsylvania may wish to proceed with caution.

Co-working space experiencing tremendous growth

Stakeholders in the Pennsylvania commercial real estate marketplace might want to turn their attention to co-working and flexible office space. While co-working offices account for a small percentage of the available square footage, it has been quickly growing since 2010.

Lower real estate prices force investors to seek risk

Citizens of Pennsylvania might be surprised to learn that the beginning of 2018 did not bode well for commercial real estate; nationwide prices dropped by 0.3 percent just last month alone. This drop was the latest in a series of consecutive drops that has lasted nine months so far. These declines have been interpreted by some as the real estate plateauing after having reached historic highs.

Tax plan may be helpful to commercial real estate investors

Pennsylvania residents may be impacted in a variety of ways by the GOP tax bill. Those who profit from commercial real estate holdings may benefit in a couple of different ways. First, it may be possible to create a pass-through entity and receive a 20 percent tax deduction on those earnings. This may be available to individuals who are making less than $157,500 or joint filers making less than $315,000.

Commercial real estate leasing

Pennsylvania business owners that are looking for commercial real estate to lease and property owners with available space should expect to have to negotiate their leasing terms. Due to the condition of the commercial real estate market, business owners may have the upper hand. For example, someone who owns a business park that is sparsely occupied may allow generous concessions in order to obtain a commercial tenant. However, if the commercial real estate market is thriving, or the commercial space in question is a highly sought-after space, it may be the business that is attempting to lease the space that may have to allow significant concessions.