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How to launch a successful startup

Throughout its journey, any startup faces numerous obstacles along the way whether it is based in Silicon Valley or Pennsylvania. Fortunately, earlier startups, both those that succeeded and those that failed, have offered the world a wealth of experience and lessons that can help guide any budding enterprises.

SBA loans to start off the New Year

For small business owners and entrepreneurs in Pennsylvania, the year 2018 holds significant promise. The economic recovery enjoyed in recent years is poised to continue, and the overall climate for doing business is likely to improve with the passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts of 2017, which means that the New Year will present opportunities for those seeking small business loans.

Overuse of non-compete agreements can backfire on businesses, P.2

Last time, we began looking at the use of non-compete agreements for low-wage earning employees. As we noted, there can be legitimate reasons for negotiating non-compete agreements with such employees, but it is important to keep in mind that every non-compete agreement must aim at protecting valid business interests.

Overuse of non-compete agreements can backfire on businesses, P.1

In our last post, we began looking at some of the general requirements of non-compete agreements. We have specifically mentioned the requirements of consideration, protection of a valid business interest, and reasonableness of duration, geographic area, and the scope of activities prohibited.

Non-compete agreements: looking at some basic rules

Businesses, particularly those in competitive industries, know that intellectual property protection is important to ensure valuable business information is not misappropriated. Patent and trademark registration, and trade secret enforcement, can be valuable ways to do this, but so can non-compete agreements, if they are used prudently.

Proper entity selection an important decision when starting a business, P.2

Last time, we looked very briefly at some of the basic characteristics of sole proprietorships and partnerships, noting the importance of entity selection in business planning. Both of these types of business entities are relatively simple to set up compared to limited liability companies and corporations.

Proper entity selection an important decision when starting a business

In starting a business, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made, including financing, entity selection, and structuring the business. Selecting the specific form a business will take is important for a number of reasons.

School district moves ahead with site for new high school project

Wilkes-Barre readers are probably aware that one of the ongoing issues the district has been discussing is where to build a new high school. In 2015, the school board approved a plan to combine Meyers and Coughlin high schools, but it has been a struggle to locate a site for the project since that time.

Selecting appropriate business form an important task for entrepreneurs, P.2

Last time, we mentioned several business forms available to entrepreneurs and some of the basic features of these types of business, from a liability, tax, ownership and formation/dissolution perspective. Aside from sole proprietorships and partnerships, entrepreneurs may also consider forming a limited liability company or a corporation to organize their business, depending on their needs and goals.

Selecting appropriate business form an important task for entrepreneurs

Selecting the appropriate business type is important to ensure a budding business gets off on the right foot, but how does an entrepreneur know what the best business form is for his or her needs? Looking at the question generally, there are four basic types of business forms available.