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Corporate culture and successful acquisitions

When company owners in Pennsylvania want to improve their market reach and profitability, a merger can be an excellent way to achieve their goals. In the first half of 2018, mergers and acquisitions rose significantly. The value of acquisition activity reached $2.5 trillion, an increase of 64 percent over one year earlier. Experts say that the availability of capital and affordability of debt have inspired more companies to grow through buying another business. However, despite the popularity of mergers, many corporate acquisitions struggle to make the transition successfully.

How to get an SBA loan

An entrepreneur in Pennsylvania who is considering financing options for their small business may want to consider getting an SBA loan. These loans, which are backed by the United States Small Business Administration, have competitive rates and come with a wide selection of options. However, it's important that a small business owner who applies for an SBA loan is aware of how the loans work and prepared to take the right steps to apply.