July 2018 Archives

Tips for securing investor capital

Pennsylvania startup creators should always be ready when an investor shows interest in their businesses. One way to convince someone to invest in a business is to have real-time data available. This can make it easier to demonstrate that the company is growing and has a product that people actually want to buy. It is important to note that a company doesn't necessarily need to be profitable to secure venture capital.

Understanding the ins and outs of commercial real estate loans

When it comes time to build a storefront or office in Pennsylvania, most business owners must apply for a real estate loan. These loans can be very complex, and that is why borrowers need to spend some time researching how they work and what types of financing options are available. With the right loan, an entrepreneur won't have to worry about an unmanageable payment plan or hidden fees.

Time management for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs in Pennsylvania and around the country must manage their time carefully. Designing a website, creating a logo and drafting a company mission statement may seem like important tasks, but they do little to generate revenue. Instead of focusing on developing a business brand and identity, experts in this area recommend that entrepreneurs devote their time to tasks that will produce sales and bring in money right away.