About construction defects

Pennsylvania homeowners who have a construction defect in their home should know that the value of their home may be reduced because of that defect. Examples of obvious construction defects may include water seepage; however, there are several defects that are not as noticeable and may not be noticed until many years after the construction of the home.

There are number factors that can contribute a construction defect. Many times, the defects are the result of multiple factors, such as substandard materials, improper preparation and analysis of the sole, poor workmanship, negligent construction, inadequate structural and civil engineering and the planning and selection of the home site.

Homeowners may have legal recourse if their home has a construction defect. The most frequently occurring construction defects for which lawsuits are filed include water issues, mold, faulty drainage, dry rot and cracks in the roof, floor, foundation and walls. Homeowners may also have cause to pursue financial compensation for structural failures, electrical and heating problems and soil and landscaping.

The manner in which a construction defect is substantiated in court depends on the type of defect. Patent defects are obviously noticeable construction defects. Latent defects are those defects that are hidden or are not noticeable until some years after the construction of the home. In order to have their construction defect litigation claim end in success, experts in specialized areas of construction will have to testify. These experts conduct investigations of the defect in order to determine their cause and then will make suggestions on how the defects can be fixed.

An attorney who practices construction law might be able to assist homeowners with recovering financial damages stemming from construction defects. Litigation may be used to hold construction managers and companies financially liable for defective materials, inadequate planning, shoddy construction and other types of defects.

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