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What big companies look for when acquiring a startup

For a large majority of entrepreneurs, whether in Pennsylvania or in Silicon Valley, the dream is to start a business, grow it, eventually sell it off and make a hefty profit in the process. Fortunately, this dream is well within reach given that there were more than 50,000 merger and acquisition deals struck last year, amounting to $2.6 trillion. It is estimated that this year will set a new record with $3.6 trillion in deals.

How to launch a successful startup

Throughout its journey, any startup faces numerous obstacles along the way whether it is based in Silicon Valley or Pennsylvania. Fortunately, earlier startups, both those that succeeded and those that failed, have offered the world a wealth of experience and lessons that can help guide any budding enterprises.

SBA loans to start off the New Year

For small business owners and entrepreneurs in Pennsylvania, the year 2018 holds significant promise. The economic recovery enjoyed in recent years is poised to continue, and the overall climate for doing business is likely to improve with the passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts of 2017, which means that the New Year will present opportunities for those seeking small business loans.