Property law has not caught up with drones yet

Pennsylvania commercial real estate owners and developers may find the potential benefits of drone technology to be very appealing. Drones may be used to survey properties, help to control autonomous heavy equipment and more. However, it is important for commercial real estate owners to consider potential issues that might arise before they start using drones.

Since drones are fairly new, there are multiple holes in real estate and property laws in which they are not addressed. For example, commercial real estate owners should determine how high they would need to fly drones over the properties of others in order to avoid violating their property rights. They would also need to determine whether or not they might need easements in order to use the airspace over peoples' homes.

Owners of apartment buildings might need to think about how they will handle tenants who may order products that will be delivered by drones. This might include considering central drop locations or limits on the times of day when it will be allowed. Thinking through the various issues might help commercial property owners to avoid potential liability.

Commercial real estate owners may want to consider all of the potential problems that might arise if they or their tenants start using drone technology. If they will be flying drones low over the properties of others, they might need to secure easements in order to avoid violating their privacy rights. Attorneys may help their clients to draw up agreements so that they might avoid easement disputes. They may also advise their clients on the existing property laws and ways that they might avoid violating them.

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