Pop-up stores taking over malls

Large malls in Pennsylvania and other areas of the country look forward to the Halloween season. It usually means more stores opening for a short time to fill a void left by larger companies until a permanent tenant is in place. It can take several months to complete the paperwork for a tenant to get into a mall, so pop-up stores like Spirit Halloween are a good way to bring customers to the mall. The popular Halloween store started in 1983 and is now known as one of the leading pop-up stores across the country.

The store sets up in strip malls and larger malls for a few weeks, selling everything from costumes to party supplies before closing after Halloween. The company is open online year-round. There will be an estimated 1,300 Spirit Halloween stores in 2017.

One of the advantages of Spirit Halloween is that it's flexible in where the company sets up shop. It's been seen mostly in strip malls, but over the past few years, the company has started setting up in larger malls to reach more customers. An estimated $9.1 billion will likely be spent on Halloween merchandise this year. Pop-up stores like Spirit Halloween fill the empty spaces that are seen when companies go out of business because they can no longer afford to rent a space or because they decide to operate online.

An individual who is thinking about opening a store in a mall may wish to consult with a commercial real estate attorney so that the paperwork is completed properly. There are issues and regulations that property owners and business owners must follow, which an attorney may be able to assist with.

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