Work with experienced attorney to effectively navigate natural gas permitting process

Wilkes-Barre readers may be aware that plans to build a natural gas pipeline across southern Pennsylvania have been in the works for some time. The project, known as the PA Pipeline Project/Mariner East 2, will transport natural gas liquids from the southwestern part of the state to Marcus Hook county in the southeast.

The pipeline plans recently received a critical boost when the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection approved permit applications for Sunoco Pipeline LP, the company in charge of the project. The DEP permits address a variety of environmental concerns associated with the project, including water obstruction and encroachment, as well as erosion and sediment control.

After receiving approval of permits from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the process of working out the legalities of the project will continue. Both the DEP and the Public Utility Commission will now be working together to ensure Sunoco and the companies it partners with abide by regulatory standards and have the proper permits moving forward.

Natural gas drilling can be a complex area of law, and it is critical for businesses working in the field to be aware of the legal and regulatory requirements governing the industry to ensure a project goes smoothly. This includes the businesses that work with energy companies to carry out and complete a project. For these businesses, obtaining the proper Public Utility Commission permits is critical, though the process isn't necessarily easy to navigate. Working with an experience attorney helps ensure these companies have the guidance and advocacy necessary to meet all legal requirements governing their project, and that any problems which arise along the way are swiftly addressed to their benefit. 

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