Not all condemnations result in the taking of the full parcel of property. The condemning authority may state that only a portion of your property needs to be taken. While, at first glance, this may seem preferable to a total taking where the entire property is condemned, it may not be.

In some instances, it may be preferable for the party seeking condemnation to condemn only a portion of the property in order to minimize the amount of compensation they will be required to provide.

Partial takings, as these types of condemnations are called, can actually result in a complete economic deprivation. If the portion of the property that was taken was so essential to the value of the entire property, this can create a total taking that needs to be compensated differently.

Our attorneys assist clients with both total take and partial take condemnation issues. We help clients maximize the compensation they receive for the value of their property.

Inverse condemnations can occur when the government has taken the property but failed to pay compensation. The client may not even know the property was taken, especially if the property was remote or it was only a portion of the property that was taken. There is no formal condemnation process in these types of situations.

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At Hoegen & Associates, P.C., our Pennsylvania attorneys can help you understand exactly what the condemning authority is actually attempting to do with your property. If it is a total taking, we will help you maximize the value of the compensation you receive. If it is a partial taking, we will investigate the impact of the condemnation on the value of the remaining property to see if it constitutes a total taking. Having helped our commercial clients deal with complex issues since 1971, we are amply qualified to provide representation that can help protect your interests and your rights in the condemnation process.

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