Restaurants and taverns attract a wide range of individuals, investors and businesses that are interested in the allure of such businesses as well as the potential for profits. Our firm brings experienced guidance to those seeking to purchase a restaurant or tavern as well as those seeking a purchaser for their tavern or restaurant. Located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, we represent potential restaurant owners throughout the state.

In the sale of a tavern or restaurant, the transfer of the liquor license can be the most complicated aspect of the transaction. The liquor license may be the most valuable asset of the restaurant or tavern. It is, in many cases, the most valuable asset included in the purchase and sale of a business given the portion of profits that liquor sales can bring to an establishment.

The transfer of a liquor license can require experienced guidance that understands how to secure the approval necessary to effect the transfer. This situation can become even more complicated when a liquor license needs to be moved from one city to another in an intermunicipal license transfer.

At Hoegen & Associates, P.C., our attorneys have been helping individuals, investors and businesses in the sale or purchase of restaurants and taverns for 40 years. Since 1971, we have been providing our clients with the exceptional representation and guidance they need to be able to achieve their goals. Our knowledge of and familiarity in dealing with the transfer of liquor licenses is a great help to our clients.

Structuring Ownership to Protect Against Dram Shop Claims

Many bars and restaurants have separate legal owners for the real estate that houses the establishment and for the bar or restaurant itself. The owner of both may actually be the same person holding the property and the establishment through separate legal entities. This can be an effective tool for limiting exposure to dram shop claims. Let us help you understand how best to structure your business to protect yourself.

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