As the development of the Marcellus Shale formation continues, drilling sites and roadways to drilling sites need to be constructed. The exploration for and development of the natural gas reserves requires the movement of heavy equipment into areas where no roads exist or the roads are insufficient to handle such traffic.

This construction calls for large amounts of stone, gravel and aggregate. This puts a premium on local sources of stone. As the value of local quarries rises, these assets become more attractive. As quarry sales, purchase and permitting attorneys, we represent both buyers and sellers of stone quarries, including sand and gravel deposits.

Quarries are highly regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. This can be a complicating factor for quarry owners and those interested in purchasing a quarry, including sand and gravel deposits. Ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and correcting any violations can be a key element in the purchase or maintenance of a successful quarry.

In addition to needing to deal with regulatory issues, the valuation of a stone quarry or a sand or gravel deposit for a potential sale can be a complex matter requiring consideration of its reserves and other factors.

At Hoegen & Associates, P.C., our lawyers have a deep understanding of the issues that must be dealt with for the purchase or sale of a quarry to achieve the goals of our clients. From dealing with regulatory issues to ensuring proper valuation of the quarry, our firm brings decades of experience that allow us to provide superior representation to our clients.

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