For the owners of commercial property who are facing condemnation, they cannot rely on those seeking to condemn their property to provide them with fair compensation for their property. You need to be able to assert yourself in the condemnation process in order to be able to secure the compensation that is an accurate reflection of the value of your property.

Securing representation that understands how to maximize the value of your property is the surest way to do that. Our law firm can ensure you obtain just compensation for condemned property.

At Hoegen & Associates, P.C., our attorneys understand the unique challenges that condemnation places on a property owner. Having a skilled and experienced attorney by your side to address those challenges can provide confidence as you deal with the condemnation process. We have built a track record of success over the years that speaks to our ability to help our clients protect their rights and their interests in even the most challenging of situations.

We have been serving the needs of clients throughout the state of Pennsylvania since 1971. We protect property owner rights and understand what it takes to help our clients secure the maximum compensation for their property.

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