The purchase or sale of a hotel is a complicated transaction that includes such aspects as:

  • The sale of the furniture in the hotel
  • Future reservations
  • Easements
  • Union agreements with labor
  • Financing, existing mortgages
  • Trademarks, if the hotel is a franchise

Ensuring that all of the right pieces fall in the right places at the right time requires experience. You need to have counsel on board who knows where to look for issues that could become trouble spots as well as helping you navigate the purchase or sale in such a way that the risk of problems manifesting is kept to a minimum. Our lawyers represent prospective hotel owners throughout Pennsylvania.

At Hoegen & Associates, P.C., our attorneys have been helping our clients achieve their goals since 1971. We understand how to identify and get ahead of potentially problematic issues in a hotel sale or purchase. Our decades of experience gives us the ability to create successful transactions for our clients.

We bring together buyers and sellers, and our experience with helping secure financing can be essential to the success of a purchase or sale of a hotel.

Buying a Foreclosed Hotel Property

When a hotel is in distressed circumstances, when it has been foreclosed on, there may be a lucrative opportunity for the buyer who is capable of seeing the value inherent in the property. Our firm is experienced in working with buyers to help them negotiate with banks for a discounted price.

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